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I n f o r m a l ,   f u n   &   e d u c a t i o n a l   a r t   &   c r a f t   w o r k s h o p   f o r     c h i l d r e n   a g e d   5 – 1 1 y r s

  • Hove Junior, Holland Rd       Wednesdays   3:30-4:30pm
  • W.H.I.S. Connaught Rd          Thursdays       3:15-4:15pm

To book please email craftclub@heidicompton.co.uk or call/text 07717 665200

The emphasis of each class is to have fun and enjoy being creative in a relaxed environment.

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” Mark Van Doren

“The wise teacher does not ask you to enter the house of his own wisdom, he leads you to the threshold of your own mind.”              Kahil Gibran


T e s t i m o n i a l s

“My son loves Craft Club, he is always so proud of the objects he brings home and he really looks forward to going every week – Thanks Heidi!”   Stephenie Decie – mum of Sam age 6

“Craft Club is a warm, friendly, incredibly creative hub of arts and crafts. The kids work on inspiring and unique craft projects, always with something great to take home. Heidi creates a lovely, relaxing and fun environment in which they can explore their unique creative ideas. As well as providing a great way for them to unwind after school. The added bonus is you can drop the kids off which means I get a break too! And siblings can play in Stoneham park while your waiting, its perfect! In the words of Oscar aged 5 “Mum, can I go to Heidi’s making club always and forever?!”   Juliet Morris – mum of Oscar age 5

“We HEART Craft Club. Heidi is oozing with ideas and my son loves her fun and engaging activities. He comes home each week proudly showcasing his creations. Brilliant fun and great value.”   Melanie Sramek-Bennett – mum of Saul age 6

“My daughter has really enjoyed craft club with Heidi and has made some unusual decorations that have lasted well. She enjoyed having the time to concentrate on making one thing properly with Heidi’s help and attention.”   Claudia Townsend – mum of Ida age 7

“My children were inspired and came out wanting more art… Can we go every day please mum! Heidi is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher, she is creative and a talented artist herself.”   Claire Connell – mum of Charlie age 7 & Tess age 6

“Freya is bringing everything she’s made at your club to school to show for her ‘Wonderful World of Me”   Madeleine King – mum of Freya age 5

“My daughter Amelie has thoroughly enjoyed her ‘Craft Thursdays’ with Heidi. She warmed to Heidi immediately and bought home amazing creations home each week. Each week related to a specific country which is a most fabulous idea. It also helped towards learning about different countries – what more could you ask for!”   Hannah Darbyshire – mum of Amelie age 8

“It’s Cian’s ‘Wonderful World of Me’ this week and he took in some things he’s made with you, as he wanted to tell his class how much he likes Craft Club.”   Louise King – mum of Cian age 5

“Laila loves attending Art & Craft Workshops with Heidi. She looks forward to making art & craft inspired by a different country each week and comes home proudly displaying her creations! Heidi always puts a great deal of thought into the craft they make and they learn about that country through making – which is a great concept. Some examples of work that Laila has made are a Japanese cherry blossom tree picture, an African doll, a Mexican sugar skull poster, a Cuban cart stationary holder. I have recommended this class to many of my friends. It’s a great way to end the school day.”   Lara McLean – mum of Laila age 10


D . B . S .   c h e c k e d  –  P u b l i c   L i a b i l i t y   I n s u r e d   a n d   P e d i a t r i c   F i r s t   A i d e r